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Advantages of Being a Truck Driver

  • Competitive Salary: Earn an average of up to $63,895* per year as a Truck Driver with the potential to make up to $1,228* per week. (*Please note that these figures are approximate.)
  • Job Security: Truck Driver positions cannot be outsourced, as they play a crucial role in transporting goods and essentials across the country. With a projected shortage of approximately 78,000 Truck Drivers according to The ATA, the demand for qualified drivers is expected to increase in the coming years.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Enjoy the benefits of medical, dental, and life insurance coverage, which are commonly provided in the truck driving industry.
  • Retirement Savings: Take advantage of a 401k retirement savings plan, allowing you to save for your future while on the road.
  • Paid Time Off: Truck Drivers are eligible for paid vacation and sick time, ensuring they have the opportunity to relax and recharge or recover from illnesses when needed.
  • Travel with your Pet: If leaving your beloved pet behind during trips is not an option, certain carriers offer the opportunity for Truck Drivers to bring their pets along as travel companions.